Our approach

Guided by our vision and values

Since BGS’s founding in 1882, we have always strived to develop, inspire and guide our boys on their journey to become successful men. Through ongoing investment in facilities, staff and new teaching techniques, we have continuously adapted to an ever-changing world.

Guided by our vision and values, which are central to all we do, we are transforming BGS from a school of best practice to one of recognised leadership and excellence in boys’ education.

Now is the right time to embark upon BGS2032—the next phase of our journey. Key decisions on school capacity and our masterplan have been made. The broad direction of the school is set. Our strategy—for a strong academic culture; the best teachers; a commitment health and wellbeing; outstanding facilities; and preparing our boys to be the best versions of themselves—is clear. Our enrolments are strong.

BGS needs to look resolutely to the future—to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world—while keeping focus on the ‘now’ and continuing to honour our history and heritage.

BGS has a strongly evidence-based approach. We have our own intellectual ‘think-tank’, the Crowther Centre, already working at the leading edge of research and best practice in boys’ education. Our facilities and capital projects are all about enhancing your sons’ learning, and enabling their development. The new Future Ready Centre for Science, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, announced last year, has been specifically designed to enhance your sons’ development of 21st century skills in science, , design thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship.

BGS2032 will build on this.