What we’ve done so far

An evolutionary, carefully planned, and consultative process

BGS2032 is being led by our Headmaster, Ross Featherston, along with his executive team and the school council. It will be an evolutionary, carefully planned, and consultative process.

To date, we’ve focused on gathering the latest research from Australia and abroad, and engaging with experts in leading universities and industry, to identify key areas for initial focus. These include:

  • The future world of work and careers;
  • The skills and attributes that will be most needed by today’s young people;
  • The future of school leaver pathways to post-secondary education;
  • The future of Australian tertiary (higher and vocational) education;
  • The importance of physical and mental wellbeing, and changing societal expectations about men;
  • The impact of technology on education and learning; and
  • The importance of schools building external partnerships with industry and the community.

We have already started a series of research ‘deep dives’ into the future world of work and careers, the skills and attributes most needed, future pathways to tertiary education, and the future of the tertiary education sector. We will be building upon BGS’s existing expertise in areas such as wellbeing, masculinity and the science of learning. We seek to be thought leaders in this space.